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Halo Nerds 4

2007-08-07 12:18:46 by CErX

Hi everyone!
As you know, Halo Nerds 4 was submitted here a long time ago. A lot of people got disappointed at the fact that it did not get finished. Now, more than 8 months later, I have decided to get it done, and hopefully entertain the people that have not already boycotted the series. You can expect it in the end of this week, and I am also considering reviving the series by making at least another episode. It depends mostly on how you all are going to like the finished version of Halo Nerds 4. But, as I said, look out for it regulary this weekend.


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2007-08-07 15:56:03



2007-08-10 16:14:01

Hey dude! i liked ur little series, and i want to know if i can help out on the last one. I got some ideas if u want some so just PM me about it if u need another dude ok?


2007-09-24 17:29:15

I, glad you got off your lazy ass and finished halo nerds:4


2007-11-06 23:22:48

make episode 5555555555


2008-01-17 13:44:03

Thank god! I knew the best halo parody would come from sweden :) And now you jsut have to get Halo Nerds 5 ready... Or I'll find you...


2008-02-09 00:04:38

dude this shouldn't be like a five part movie. this has the ability to be bigger then.... then..... uh.. uuhhhhh..... dangit i can't think of anything good enough for this to be a hundred times better then, because it's the best thing on newgrounds already.

well i have some ideas (some suck), but PM if you can't think of anything

/\ <--cheering stick


2008-05-15 18:31:07

Halo Nerds 4 was FANTASTIC! You have a really great sence of humor and I've spent a great time watching your episodes! After 6 monts of waiting, I'm still dreaming for a Halo Nerds 5 and the continue of the series. You have just a GREAT sence of humor and this kind of thing is VERY RARE to find.

Your Movies now have a special place on my Favourites List of All Time (Alphabetical order):
-> Arby 'n' The Chief Series (by DigitalPh33r on Youtube, Machinima and
-> Halo Code Pramape Series (by CodePramape on Newgrounds)
-> Halo Funny Situations (by Mathrix on Newgrounds)(Still waiting for the 2nd)
-> Halo Nerds Series (by YOU :D on Newgrounds)
-> Master Chief Sucks at Halo Series (by DigitalPh33r on Youtube, Machinima and

Also, if you are planning to make the 5th Episode please PM me back so I can still have my hopes up!

Your Flash Series have a special place on my heart :D

Wish you the best luck. *Cheers*


2008-05-23 13:38:30

Hey CErx. I started up a website for all these experience animators. I put you as top 3 and i was wondering if you could send me one of your videos. my email is is the site. Its not finished but you can check out the home page.


2008-05-24 11:57:59

Hey, CErX, if you make an episode 5, I would love to apply as a voice actor for a NEW color team, besides pink, yellow, and green, I was hoping, maybe red team, because that's my favorite color, I hope to hear from you soon.


2008-05-25 23:13:37

Hey, CErX, there's a problem, I hope your current location is close to America, because if I were to work with you, we have to get together, not in a gay way, because I'm not gay, anyways, I live in America, and you live in Sweden, so I hope you are not too busy to come to California. BTW, how are Alivier and QueeZeR? I don't get why QueeZeR was 'fired' in Halo Nerds 4 Final V. Anyways, I hope you don't delete this comment. Best Wishes, Alphadude.


2008-06-30 18:06:40

please halo nerds 5, please, please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeese


2008-09-07 07:25:36

Är det du som gör rösten till Magnus i Halo nerds?


2008-10-13 19:55:29

so your practicy saying your done of making halo flashes? dude sequels are all about the ratings everyone would love for u to keep going


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